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some benefits of NOVA power transfer switches (ATS)

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some benefits of power transfer switches: 

1. Convenience: A power transfer switch makes it easy to switch between power sources during a power outage. It can be done automatically or manually. 

2. Increased availability: With a power transfer switch, you can have multiple power sources available and easily switch from one to another in case of a power outage, ensuring you always have a backup power source. 

3. Improved safety: A power transfer switch can prevent backfeeding of power, which can be dangerous for utility workers or other people who may come in contact with the power lines. 

4. Protection for equipment: Power transfer switches protect equipment from power surges or damage that can result from a sudden change in power source. 

5. Cost-effective: Power transfer switches can be more cost-effective than buying separate backup power systems for your home or business.

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