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Solar Energy Storage System 48VDC 110VAC US standard type

new household solar energy storage system to solve the energy shortage in your country.
It is 5KW 48VDC 120VAC solar inverter+80A MPPT solar charge controller + LiFePO4 battery all in one pack.
  • NV-EOV48-5.0A-E1

  • NOVA

  • NV-EOV48-5.0A-E1


*Long life and safety
Vertical industry integration ensures more than 5000 cycles with 80% DoD.

*Easy to install and use
Integrated inverter design, easy to use and quick to install. Small size, minimizing installation time and cost Compact and stylish design suitable for your sweet home environment.

*Multiple working modes
The inverter has a variety of working modes. Whether it is used for main power supply in the area without electricity or backup power supply in the area with unstable power to deal with sudden power failure, the system can respond flexibly.

*Fast and flexible charging
A variety of charging methods, which can be charged with photovoltaic or commercial power, or both at the same time.

* Scalability
You can use 4 batteries in parallel at the same time, and can provide a maximum of 20kwh for your use.

battery data

inverter data


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