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1KW-12KW Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter with MPPT solar controller

FMK solar charger is a combination of FM inverter and solar charger. The FMK pure sine wave inverter not only makes your solar system simple in wiring, but also has all the unique features from the inverter and solar charger.
  • NV-FMK2000

  • NOVA

  • 8504403090


Product Characteristics

Pure sine wave output

1.With MPPT solar charge controller 30A-100A (Optional)  With UPS automatic switching function, grid power charging function, It has perfect protection functions such as overload, high voltage, low voltage, short circuit, etc.

2.DSP Intelligent Chip Control, Excellent Performance

3.Strong inverting capability, one-time soft start, triple output peak power, with all inductive loads

4.Full personalized LCD display, it can display various data information of inverter, solar charge controller

5.Grid power priority, energy saving mode and solar energy priority can be set freely to meet different occasions.

6.Battery type, charging voltage grid power charging current (0-35A) can be set freely to meet the charging management of different types of batteries


Model 1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W 8000W 10000W 12000W
Default battery system voltage (VDC) 12VDC/24VDC/48VDC 24VDC/48VDC/96VDC 48VDC/96VDC
Inverter Output Rated power 1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W 8000W 10000W 12000W
Surge rating (20ms) 3000W 6000W 9000W 12000W 15000W 18000W 24000W 30000W 36000W
Capable of starting electric Motor 0.5HP 1HP 2HP 2HP 3HP 3HP 4HP 5HP 6HP
Wave form Pure sine wave/ Same as input (AC mode)
Nominal output voltage RMS 110/120VAC  220/230/240VAC(±10RMS) 220/230/240VAC(±10RMS)
Output frequency 50Hz60Hz±0.3Hz
Inverter efficiency(Peak) >85%
Line mode efficiency >95%
Typical transfer time 8ms(Max)
Built-in AVR stablizer(AC voltage) 110/120/220/230/240VAC 220/230/240VAC --------------------
AC Input Voltage 110/120VAC  220/230/240VAC 220/230/240VAC
Selectable voltage range 85-138VAC(AC:110)      170-275VAC(AC:220) 90-130VAC(110V)  180-260VAC(AC:220)
Frequency range 50Hz:45-65Hz 60Hz:55-65Hz  50Hz/60Hz(Auto sensing)
Battery Low battery protection 10VDC±0.3V (12VDC),20VDC±0.3V (24VDC),40 VDC±0.3V (48VDC),80 VDC±0.3V (96VDC)
Low battery cutoff 10.5VDC±0.3V (12VDC),21VDC±0.3V (24VDC),42 VDC±0.3V (48VDC),84VDC±0.3V (96VDC)
High Battery alarm 15VDC±0.3V (12VDC),30VDC±0.3V (24VDC),60 VDC±0.3V (48VDC),120 VDC±0.3V (96VDC)
High Battery protection 16.5VDC±0.3V (12VDC),33VDC±0.3V (24VDC),66VDC±0.3V (48VDC),132VDC±0.3V (96VDC)
AC Charger Maximum charge current 0-35A(Set by yourself)
Protection Over load protection Rated power over 110%,shut down automatically
Temperature protection Built-in temperature sensor real-time induction, ,≥85 alarm, ,≥85 shut down the whole machine
Short circuit protection Automatic Shutdown
Solar Charge Controller Max solar charging current 30A,40A,50A,60A 50A,60A,100A,120A
Voltage 12V,24V,48V,96V
Max PV input power 12V-30A:360W,12V-50A:600W,12V-60A:720W,12V-100A:1200W,12V-120A:1440W
PV array MPPT voltage range 12V:18V-100V,24V:36V-100V,48V:72V-150V,96V:144V-280V
Peak conversion efficiency >99%
Other Mounting Wall mount
Display LCD+LED
Cooling fan Intelligent fan cooling system
Audible noise <60dB
Coommunications RS-232,SNMP(Optional)
Operation temperature range -10℃~70℃
Storage temperature -10℃~60℃
Appearance Product size(L*W*H) 510*325*215 645*325*215 765*320*250
Packing size(L*W*H) 580*385*270 725*410*290 840*405*320
Net weight(Kg) 16 19 22 31 33 35 55 61 67
Gross weight(Kg) 18 21 24 34 36 38 59 65 71

Product Description

The inverter is suitable for unstable mains power, the mains power is often off, and important equipment that requires backup power. This product adopts high-precision DSP control chip, precise detection circuit, advanced control technology, modular design is more convenient for installation and maintenance. Intelligent  temperature-regulating fan, efficient heat dissipation, extending system life. The output is stable, clean and pure sine wave output. There are four working modes to choose: mains priority mode, battery priority mode, energy saving mode, and unattended mode. Has short circuit protection, over and under voltage protection, overload protection, Overheat / short circuit automatic restart (automatic restart three times), wide frequency and wide voltage input, can be used for diesel / gasoline generator input.

Protection functions: battery over voltage and low voltage protection, high temperature protection, automatic overload protection, short circuit protection.

Inverte LCD display

LCD display

Inverter and battery connection

Inverter load

Inverter-1KW-12KW battery side

Inverter-1KW-12KW fan side

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