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500W Hybrid Power Inverter with PMW Controller Charger Solar Power System

Solar Power Inverter
  • NV-FMK

  • NOVA



●Pure sine wave output 

●With PWM/MPPT solar charge controller 10A- 60A (adjustable)

●With UPS automatic switching function, grid power charging function, AVR voltage stabilization function 

●It has perfect protection functions such as overload, high voltage, low voltage, short circuit, etc. 

●DSP Intelligent Chip Control, Excellent Performance

●Strong inverting capability, one-time soft start, triple output peak power, with all inductive loads 

●Full personalized LCD display, inverters can display various data information 

●Grid power priority, energy saving mode and solar energy priority can be set freely to meet different occasions.未标题-3微信截图_20200402095848微信截图_20200402095907微信截图_20200402095645微信截图_20200402095701微信截图_20200402095728

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