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Tuya Smart Switch WiFi Push Button Wall Switch US

  • WS-SR-US-T


MOES New Star Ring Series Tuya Smart WiFi 3 Way/Single Pole Push Button Light Switch Neutral Wire Required Replace One Switch Or Two MOES APP Remote Control Voice Control by Alexa Google Home

1. WHY CHOOSE STAR RING---Newly Light Touch Button Effect with Star Ring Halo:Advanced design philosophy combines beauty and technology,designed with extremely light touch feeling,perfectly clarifies its wonderful construction style and nice workmanship.Star ring halo on the switch features for the backlight indicator position,and when the switch is on,it just performs as the starry sky for bright lighting effect.

2. WHAT STAR RING OFFER---Satisfying and Soft Touch:Superior touch feeling material ensures its great visual and user experience,breaking the rigidity of traditional mechanical button,feels like an excellent mouse with crisp click sound;High quality PVC material,real-sense non-toxic,safe and environment-friendly.Tested with 2-year lifespan and 5-million button life.

3. HOW SART RING ACT---3 Way Circuit for Smart Lighting:Replace one of your traditional 3 Way switch only to clarify its best value as cost saving,or you can replace the traditional two for consistent decoration style to control one light by two switches from two locations;Even wire this smart switch as single pole circuit for normal smart lighting control.

4. WHERE STAR RING BASED ON- MOES/TUYA SMART APP:Compatible with MOES/Tuya Smart APP enables it to control via smart phones for smart lighting,wireless remote control when you are not at home,and even add different kinds of schedule for flexible timer control;Voice assistants are available for simple voice control;Multi-control associate is updated for controlling one light with another 3 Way concept.

5. SO PURCHASE STAR RING---Fully Functional and Unique Appearance:Fast pairing mode with no hub required,easily get smart home scene linkage by this smart switch integrating function and appearance;detailed wiring instruction with neutral wire needed in the user manual for better user experience.



Model: WS-SR-US-T

Input Power: 100~245V AC 50/60Hz

Control Principle : Relay

Wireless Protocol: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Max Current: 10A

Standby Power: ≤0.5W

Button Life: 500K times

Dimension: 106*45*35 mm


1. Q: Can I use only one 3-way switch where 2 switches control the same light or should I need to install a pair of these?

     A: You can replace one of your traditional two 3-way switches for 3-way control,or you can also replace both of them.

2. Q: Can I use the 3-way switch as single pole lighting control?

     A: Yes,wire it as single pole circuit for our Star Ring 3-way switch.

3. Q: Is MOES APP the same as my Tuya Smart APP?

     A: Yes,MOES APP is based on the Tuya Smart APP,which is featured with more features than Tuya Smart APP,but both are based on Tuya technology.

4. Q: Can I use it to replace my 3-way dimmer switch?

     A: No,a smart 3-way switch is only compatible with a traditional 3-way switch,not 3-way dimmers,4-way switches or dimmers.

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