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Change Over Switch Bluetooth Smart Wireless Remote Control ATS

  • BAT-80A


New Tuya Smart Blue tooth Dual Power Controller 80A 16KW Automatic Transfer Switch Energy Saving for Off Grid Solar Wind System ATS DC 12V 24V 48V AC 110V 220V MOES APP for Smart Control with Blue tooth Hub for Remote Control




【New Compatibility with Tuya/Smartlife/MOES APP for Energy Saving】

MOES APP compatible ensures its smart controls by APP for flexible transfer and usage between the public power and battery, featured with the three functional values as grid power, automatic mode and inverter power in the APP for power supply, clarifying the concept of energy-saving in a real-sense. (Note: All functions on the ATS itself work without any interference to the APP.)

===> Short distance control, work without Internet: Blue tooth control distance max is around 30 meters. You can control the Blue tooth ATS on APP within 30 meters without network. Great for area where has no network, or the network is unstable.
===> Long distance control: Internet and Blue tooth Hub Required: Above 30 meters (out of blue tooth distance). For example, if you wanna control the home ATS in your office, in another city, or when your are in business trip etc, then you need add a blue tooth hub to work with Blue tooth ATS for long distance control (No distance limitation) on APP with network. Signal Working Mechanism: APP --- Cloud --- Wifi Router --- Blue tooth Gateway --- Blue tooth ATS.

【Smart Monitor on Electrical Values with Surge Protection】
Timely access to the current voltage of grid, battery and inverter,specially the current, power and electricity consumption of the load, performing as the advanced power system with surge protection featured for over-current protection. Bluetooth hub is required for smart scene automation, but with fast network pairing featured under phone Blue tooth and 2.4G WiFi.

【Beneficial to Solar or Wind System with Manual Switch】
On cloudy or windless days when your battery gets low, it will automatically switch to grid power to protect your battery, especially for the condition that when battery voltage is lower than cut off point, it will automatically switch back to battery power when the battery voltage is higher than recovery point, working like an opposite direction UPS with the updated manual switch function for your convenience.

【Auto Distinguish with Adjustable Set-points and AC Test】
DC 12/24/48VAC 100-120V 60HZ / 220-240V 50HZ auto distinguish. User can define the Cut-Off and Recovery Voltage. Recovery voltage must be higher than Cut-off voltage. Suitable for various battery types as Sealed, Gel, Lead-acid, Lithium battery and so on, the battery low voltage transfer and battery recovery set-points are freely adjustable up to the battery type. AC test is functional well as the device will automatically switch to public power when the inverter AC output is abnormal.

【Bigger Power with Large LCD Display】
Updated rated power: 8KW(110V) or 16KW(220V) and 80A, Fast Transfer time: Inverter transfer to public power ≤10ms, public power transfer to inverter ≤16ms, designed with large LCD display for showing battery real-time voltage, working status of public power, inverter and battery.

Note: The controller needs to connect the battery, powered by the battery and get battery power data.

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